Stun Gun Laws

Alabama Stun Gun Laws

Alabama Stun Gun Laws: Your Guide to Self-Defense Laws

In Alabama, there are no specific regulations on the purchase or sale of stun guns and TASER devices. Alabama self defense laws including the use of stun guns offer residents the ability to protect themselves with these self-defense tools, provided they meet the age and criminal history requirements. By understanding and adhering to the legal regulations surrounding self defense including stun guns in Alabama, individuals can confidently enhance their personal safety and security.

In the state of Alabama, the use of stun guns, stun flashlights, stun batons, tasers, stun sticks, or CEWs (Conducted Electric Weapons) for self-defense is not only legal but also relatively unrestricted. Residents of Alabama who are 18 years of age or older  are able to purchase these self-defense devices online or in stores without major legal hurdles.

Direct contact stun gun electric shock devices are widely available for purchase and possession without the need for a permit in most parts of Alabama. As of this writing if you are a resident of the City of Mobile you should obtain a city permit from the local police department for the possession of these and other self-defense tools.

While the majority of Alabama allows for the possession and use of stun guns, there are limitations to be aware of. It is strictly prohibited to possess any type of stun weapon, tool, or equipment on school property within the city limits of Montgomery, Alabama. This includes storing a stun device in a vehicle parked on school grounds.

To obtain additional information, it is advised to reach out to your state representative or the legislature. Below are some resources that can assist you with this:

  • Find Your Legislator: The Alabama Legislature website offers a “Find My Legislator” tool where you can enter your address to identify your state Senator and Representative

  • Contact by Phone:

    • House of Representatives: (334) 242-7600

    • Senate: (334) 242-7800

  • Contact by Mail: You can send a written letter to your legislator’s office address. The mailing address format is:

    • [Legislator’s Name], Alabama State House, Montgomery, AL 36130

  • Contact Online: While the Alabama Legislature website doesn’t have individual legislator contact forms, some legislators might have their own websites with contact options.